Transition Year

"The aim of the Transition Year Programme is

“to provide the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepare them for their role as autonomous and participative members of society

-Transition Year Mission Statement

Columba College provides a structured and fun learning environment where students are offered various opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills and to build upon self-directed learning. The transition year programme is tailored each year to meet the needs and interests of the participating students. With a variety of outings, workshops, speakers, projects, both in school and within the community and, not forgetting the end of year TY production, it is no surprise that our Transition Year here in Columba College goes by in the blink of an eye!

Some TY Activities

Young Social Innovators
Referee badge
CPR Training
Work Experience
Digital Portfolios
BT Young Scientis
Christmas Markets
Student Enterprise
Local Community Projects
Class Trips
GAA Coaching

Musicals in Columba College

Columba College has recently began performing musicals. It is mainly managed and stars the Transition Year students. The whole school body becomes involved and students who may have a keen interest in the Performing Arts are offered the opportunity to participate. At Columba College, we are very committed to providing a holistic experience for our students and those who participate in our school musical gain a unique and one of a kind experience as well as contributing to their cognitive, social and emotional development. The musical is performed in The Mullingar Arts Centre.